An application for a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) in the Russian Federation may be submitted within the quota system, or outside the quota system.

TRP applications outside the quota system can be processed

  1. if the applicants parents (pensioners) are citizens of the Russian Federation
  2. if the applicant has a husband or wife who is a citizen of the Russian Federation
  3. if the applicant has a child not yet of the age of legal maturity, who is a citizen of the Russian Federation

In all other cases, application for a TRP is only possible within the quota system.

From the moment of receiving a Temporary Residence Permit, foreign citizens are subject to a number of obligations and privileges, which include

  • foreign citizens whose entry to Russia is governed by the visa system can obtain a multiple-entry visa which covers the full period of their TRP validity
  • the right to remain within the borders of the RF for a period up to three years without exit
  • the right to take up employment without the need for a Work Permit, but only within the Russian Federal Zone where the Temporary Residence Permit was issued
  • an obligation to exit the Russian Federation borders at least once every six months


The application processing period for TRP for foreign citizens from abroad is six months. The application processing period for TRP for foreign citizens from the CIS countries is three months. TRP is issued for a period of up to three years. Temporary Residency Permits may not be extended or renewed, and so for this reason it is desirable to make an application for a Residency Permit (RP) six months after receiving the TRP status. The cut-off period for making an application for RP is six months prior to the expiration of the TRP status.

  1. Within seven working days of receiving the TRP status to register their TRP documents at their local/regional UFMS office.
  2. Within two months of the end of the year from the date of receiving a temporary residence permit, they must personally submit to the territorial authorities of the Federal authority of executive administration on migration matters according to their receipt of TRP, a testimony of their continued presence in the Russian Federation, with attached details of their earnings, and a copy of their taxation or other documents which confirm the source of their income and their salary amount for the past year, covering the period since they were issued with a TRP.
  3. Within a year of their date of entry to the Russian Federation they must obtain a certificate (confirmation) of their registration with the records of the Taxation authorities.

List of documents for application for TRP outside the quota system:

  • For foreign nationals from the CIS countries
  • For foreign nationals whose entry to Russia is governed by the visa system